Laguna Public School

Laguna Public School is a remarkable school appreciated by a very supportive community. The core values of the school are respect, honesty, responsibility, courage and compassion. The school's vision is to provide a caring environment in which students are given a variety of learning opportunities to help them reach their full potential. Student achievements in academic, sporting and cultural activities include: participation by students in Premier's Reading and Sporting Challenges; students competing at state, regional and zone level sport; and students participating in chess, drama, dance and film workshops. Enthusiastic staff teamed with a supportive community, work with dedication to ensure a high standard of teaching and learning is created for the students within the school. The school's curriculum strengths are: LITERACY - supplemented by an enrichment reading program and the school employing a qualified, specialist teacher one day a week to provide a support program; NUMERACY - supplemented by Quick Smart; CREATIVE ARTS; SPORT; and ABORIGINAL EDUCATION. Daily Move to Learn and Brain Gym exercises underpin all learning. The school offers after school activities in sport, art and music. All K-6 students participate in the very successful public performances of dance in Coalfields Rock. The P&C holds a highly successful annual Art Exhibition - now in its 20th year. The school is a safe, friendly learning centre with effective student welfare programs such as Positive Behaviours for Learning that promote an inviting, warm and positive school culture.


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Contact Information

Mr Craig Howe (Principal)
3738 The Great North Rd
Laguna 2325
Phone: 49 98 8251
Website: Laguna Public School.