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Last updated 10:23 AM on 9 October 2013




Children, parents and teachers across the Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools (CCGPS) are getting Cybersmart!  As part of a broad commitment by CCGPS for the wellbeing of its students, schools will provide internet safety awareness presentations for students, parents and staff.


Many of our local schools have recently hosted these highly successful workshops delivered by a team of outreach trainers from the Australian Communications and Media Authority, each of whom is an education specialist.   By early next term, all 16 schools will have had students participate in Cybersafety lessons.


These presentations provide an opportunity to educate kids about Cybersafety in an easy to understand, thorough, non-technical and informative manner.  Staff, parents and community are also prepared with the tools to support students and prevent them from putting themselves at risk with their online practices. 


"The schools of CCGPS are very proud of their capacity to provide cutting edge technologies for all students at all stages in their learning path, however, this comes with great responsibility for their safety.  Student wellbeing underpins everything we do as educators and Cybersafety is a challenge we must face head-on," said Len Boughton, Principal Abermain PS and Chairperson for CCGPS.


"We aim to provide our staff with a comprehensive understanding of a modern student's exposure and use of  technology including their online profile, digital literacy and positive online behaviour  so that they are better equipped with the tools and confidence to engage students on Cybersafety issues. It is vital that staff are able to incorporate strategies into the curriculum to keep students safe and of course, better able to identify and prevent cyberbullying," said Len.


The presentations cover a range of issues including the ways children use the internet and emerging technologies, potential risks faced by students online such as cyberbullying, identity theft, unwanted contact and exposure to offensive content.  Pro-active in their approach, presenters provide tips and strategies to help students stay safe online.


For further information regarding upcoming Cybersmart presentations, please contact your local school.