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Last updated 9:03 AM on 16 September 2013

Kindy Orientation

As parents all over Cessnock prepare for the transition of their children into kindergarten for 2014, Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools (CCGPS) shows its support with a range of activities designed to support families as they take this next step on the learning path.   Representatives from CCGPS have been busily working with parents to provide transition talks, distributing information packs for school readiness and offering workshops for speech development.


In collaboration with Korreil Wonnai, our local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG), Regional Aboriginal Education advisors, CCGPS representatives took part in the highly successful Community Connect Day last week with great outcomes for families across Cessnock.


"This event allowed us to make contact with our local families, both Aboriginal and Non- Aboriginal, and extend a welcome into our Public Schools.  It was a great opportunity to strengthen our partnerships and support families, giving them a greater awareness of what schools have to offer and educate parents about school readiness", said Sonia Sharpe,  AECG President and Regional Aboriginal Education Consultant.


"CCGPS has a broad commitment to the successful transition of all children into school and each school offers programs for orientation which are specifically designed to meet the needs of children and their families at that school", said Melinda Stokes, CCGPS Coordinator.  "A great deal of research has been done at the local level and data indicates the necessity of quality programs for children in their early years and into the first year of school".


"Schools have become much better at acknowledging the early learning experiences children bring with them when they come to school and, with the introduction of the Best Start Assessment, can more accurately determine what children already know about literacy and numeracy, better enabling teachers to provide programming which is tailored to the individual child.  However, the most important factor in a child's successful transition is still the development of strong partnerships with families", said Melinda.


Research done within the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI), a nationally administered assessment of the skills of all four year olds, shows that children in Cessnock have a need for rich early learning experiences and can sometimes be lower in the areas of motor skills, social and cognitive awareness. 


Within many of the local Public Schools, where these factors were identified as having an impact on children when they started school, staff have worked intensively with the community to support strong early skill development with programs targeted at strengthening the skills of children before they start school and just as importantly, giving parents the information and skills they need to make better support their children .  This has seen excellent results with a definite swing in the data to show that children in these drawing areas are now more social, have better cognitive and motor skills and have less stress around separation from their parents.


"We are very fortunate in Cessnock to have a good availability of early childhood services providing excellent early learning experiences and education.  It is very significant for children to have experiences outside the family home prior to school; it strengthens their ability to form positive relationships with others, separate from parents more easily and learn more about the world around them.  We all want our children to take confident steps forward and involvement with early childhood services like Koe Nara provide a supportive environment where families can ensure that they are giving their children the very best chance of doing well later at school" said Melinda.


For further information regarding orientation programs please contact your local school.