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Last updated 8:32 AM on 6 November 2013




Cessnock Regional Art gallery is once again hosting the very successful Photovoice exhibition," My Eyes, My Culture, My School".  This showcase of photographic works is a collaborative effort across the Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools (CCGPS). 

The recent launch for this event was a celebration of the twenty one Aboriginal students from year 5 to year 10 who contributed works to the exhibition.  A series of animated works as well as still-shots are featured, with students being encouraged to make use of innovative technologies including iPads and photography apps.

"Photovoice is a vital part of the work being done within the Public Schools of Cessnock to provide an outlet for artistic expression for our Aboriginal youth and to strengthen the engagement of students in their own learning.  The Photovoice concept has been used and developed broadly across the globe, with huge success in empowering participants and enhancing community engagement," said Todd Osland, Principal Kitchener Public School and leader of the CCGPS Aboriginal Education Team.

"It is hoped that the implementation of this program creates improved understanding of community needs and addresses cultural issues for Aboriginal people", said Todd.  "Students are given a voice and are encouraged to express themselves through this dynamic art form."

"The exhibition has been very well attended so far, with people visiting from across the Hunter, to view the students' work", said Jane Hodgson, Coordinator for the project over the past three years. 

"It is exciting to see students come in with very limited photographic experience, and develop, not only their photographic skills, but also, a much stronger awareness of their own feelings about their culture.  It is really gratifying to see them produce such quality works of art to share with the broader community and more particularly, the pride these students have for their work".