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Last updated 8:45 AM on 6 November 2013

In so many ways, the Public Schools across the Cessnock area are at the heart of their communities, so it is not surprising that as these schools reach milestones of age, there is  a real sense of pride and community spirit.  


Cessnock High School recently celebrated its 75th anniversary (at its current site) and so many of the primary schools, including Ellalong and Kearsley Public Schools have held their centennials.  Congewai  Public School has just celebrated its 125th anniversary with maypole dancing and bush poetry and Laguna PS is set to kick their heels up for 140 years of providing education and a network hub for its small, but devoted community.  Wollombi Public School, having been established in its original timber building, in 1852, is the oldest in the area and the community pride remains strong.  


"Having been a parent of children attending Congewai Public School some years ago, and now the grandparent of children attending Paxton Public School, I am struck by the pride and community commitment to these enduring schools," said Sue Beckett, Congewai resident and former P&C Secretary of Congewai Public School.


"When we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Congewai Public School, I really felt that this would have been the last celebration of milestones for this school; When the school recently celebrated its 125th anniversary, I was quite amazed and really heartened to see that the life of a school, though changing, is so vital and with each new generation, there is a renewed commitment to the school", she said.  "There is a real sense of community partnership and energy which galvanise the school".


Though these schools are indeed gracefully aging, they continue to provide a strong and innovative education for thousands of students across the Cessnock area.  With the latest in technology available to every classroom and every student, the Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools (CCGPS) continues to demonstrate its strong commitment to excellence. 


Staff from right across CCGPS have recently taken part in Quality Teaching training, Stronger Smarter, Quicksmart and Multi-lit, and meet regularly to build the capacity of their schools to meet the changing needs of the students.  The value of excellent education and learning opportunities for all students continues to be the back-bone of the Public Education experience.


"Electronic Smartboards and connected classroom facilities are now commonplace across our schools and laptops and tablets are a tool which all students, K-12, have access to," said Mr Len Boughton, Principal Abermain Public School and Chairperson for CCGPS. "We strive to provide the very latest in technology and teaching practice for all students and we continue to see excellent results across the KLA's." 


"Key to our longevity though, is our community partnerships; it is with the support of our robust school communities that we maintain the spirit and strong performance of our mighty Public Schools and look towards a bright future and further milestones", said Len.


125th Anniversary

Proud Conjewai students celebrate their school's 125th anniversary